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2018 & 2019 Diy Grand Piano (Colorfu...


$6.89 Ex Tax: $6.89

For lovers of music and paper craft, here's a little miniature grand piano, which serves as a desk calendar and box. Enjoy making the calendar as a handmade gift for a loved one, or for your own tabletop or shelf. ..

Decorative Paper Angels (Set Of 6)


$3.82 Ex Tax: $3.82

Colorful Christmas paper Angels for your home or tree. Perfect for holiday craft fun, or just pretty Christmas gifts! Each angel is lovingly illustrated with intricate hand drawn details...

Diy Hot Air Balloon Lamp Shade (Blue Des...


$7.13 Ex Tax: $7.13

A magical hot air balloon with light inside!This festive season, sit with your friends or family and enjoy making a beautiful Hot Air Balloon lamp shade for your home..

Diy Mini Book Box: Green Design


$2.29 Ex Tax: $2.29

Goody boxes disguised as old-world books, in a size so adorable you'll want to eat them! Small and cute enough to fit in the palm of your hand, these mini book boxes can be used to store business cards, coins or trinkets as well...

Diy Yellow Pencil 2018 Calendar & Bo...


$2.29 Ex Tax: $2.29

Simple and cute, this pencil shaped calendar will add a bit of fun to your desk! It's also a box to store pens, pencils and brushes..

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