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Channapatna Toys

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AATIKE Toys Wooden Puppet Chimpu Monkey ...


$9.97 Ex Tax: $9.97

AATIKE's Chimpu - Puppet Climbing Monkey stimulate dexterity & cognition by making the monkey climb on strings bringing joy at the discovery...

Build And Play Wooden Pull Toy : Bovow (...


$7.13 Ex Tax: $7.13

Bovow' ia a wooden beading and pull toy for kids between 3 to 5 years. It containing six brightly coloured beading parts. 'Bovow' refines the child's eye-hand coordination. ..

Handcrafted Wooden Christmas Décor : Yu...


$9.97 Ex Tax: $9.97

YULETS is a set of 4 Christmas tree hangings - Fairy, Santa, Snowman and a Tree shaped bell - all made in wood. These Christmas decorations are handcrafted using traditional lacware technique and are coloured with natural dyes..

Handcrafted Wooden Skill Toy : Cup &...


$4.07 Ex Tax: $4.07

Cup & Ball (Big) - an ageless wooden toy enjoyed by one and all .This traditional fun toy that challenges one's toss and catch skills offers excellent entertainment for grownup children and adults...

Wooden Pull Toy With Rotating Ball - Tut...


$5.14 Ex Tax: $5.14

Tuttu Turtle is a unique wooden pull toy. It's rotating shell fascinates children and adults alike. This toy is made using traditional lacware toy making techniques..

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